Unveiling Sales Strategies: Insights into Major E-commerce Portals

1. Amazon: Customer-Centric Innovation Customer Focus: Amazon’s relentless commitment to customer satisfaction drives its sales strategy. The platform emphasizes user reviews, personalized recommendations based on purchase history and browsing behavior, and fast, reliable shipping through Amazon Prime. Marketplace Dynamics: Amazon’s marketplace model allows third-party sellers to reach a vast audience. It incentivizes sellers with competitive […]

Why most ecommerce businesses fail

Before learning about “why e-commerce businesses fail” we must look into history. You must have noticed that there was a culture of start-up started in 2016 to 17 and there were significant number of start-up companies related to e-commerce and dropshipping model emerged. Because, huge wave was started out as everyone wanted to be “entrepreneur” […]

E-commerce With Artificial Intelligence

Introduction Artificial intelligence is a need of the time right now it is everywhere today and runs in the veins of the technologies whether it is web development, data science, appliances, chatbots and what not. Humans cannot imagine their life without artificial intelligence. So, why would AI leave shopping and selling untouched. But before we […]

Everything about Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA meaning Amazon FBA is a Facility which is given by Amazon to its sellers, in this program a seller has to pass his headache of packaging, storage shipping and delivering of the products he sells, to the Amazon. Customer care is also handled by the Amazon in behalf of the Seller. If the […]


Business To Consumer   There are types of e-commerce business when company or business would sell products to a consumer directly. But this business model also includes sellers who sell other brands products to consumers. Some well known businesses who sell products of their own to buyers are Adidas, chanel, etc. Some sellers who use other brands […]

Everything About E-Commerce

History of E-commerce There happened to be an ARPANET (the precursor to the internet)in 1970 and it was also a time when few students from an American university started an experiment to get some marijuana sold to some other person in another corner of the America. It was a successful transaction but because it was […]

How To Increase E-commerce Profitability

What Is E-commerce at all? Many people have being searching for “How To Increase Profitability of E-commerce business” that they run”. Let’s start from the start, E-commerce is a process of buying and selling of the goods on the internet. Previously, Goods those are sold in a brick and mortar store now being sold on […]

How To Start E-commerce Business In India

Overview Of E-commerce Activities In India Before getting into How to start E-commerce business in India we should have a look at the history of e-commerce in India. E-commerce platforms entered India in post internet era (1990s), but it was the 2016 when India saw surge in digital transactions. (After internet price decrease in 2016) One […]

Top Online Businesses At Home.

Anyone with special skill sets can go for the business route, for this, you need not only core skills but some soft skills to manage your business. There are different – different ways to direct one’s energy to build a successful business at the comfort of one’s home.   Types Of The Businesses The answer to the […]

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