There are types of e-commerce business when company or business would sell products to a consumer directly. But this business model also includes sellers who sell other brands products to consumers.

Some well known businesses who sell products of their own to buyers are Adidas, chanel, etc. Some sellers who use other brands products are Amazon, walmart, reliance trends, etc.

B2c model includes:

    In dropshipping model the seller do not have to incur logistics cost means he does not need to store products with himself and no cost for transportation. He just has an e-commerce website and if he gets an order he must inform the real seller about the products buyer willing is to buy, then the real seller dispatches the product to the buyer with his own labeling and packaging.

Online intermediaries are the companies who provides platform for the real buyers and sellers who can use it for the e-commerce activities. These platforms also provide facility of comparison of different -different sellers so the buys can take better decision before the purchase. Most prominent examples for these businesses are MakemyTrip, goibibo, etc.

We are lucky to have platforms through which we can meet like minded people and engage with them any time. But these platforms are not only useful for socializing but also these platforms are heavily used for E-commerce activities. These platforms are Facebook, Instagram ,etc. The biggest advantage for the buyers on these platforms is they can find reviews of the given products and make mind about it.

E-commerce businesses which deal in products and services which are meant to sell to another business. Basically b2b as the name suggest refers to the companies who deal with other companies.

There can be e-commerce companies which sell goods to other companies directly or they can sell to companies which resell again.

There are other types of e-commerce business which only deals with governments only. their products and services are personalized for the needs of the local or federal government or its authorities.

Generally the government as per their needs release tenders for the projects and then companies have to participate in the process.

These are the E-commerce companies which deal in consumer to consumer online transactions. In this model consumers come along to sell and buy their used products. Companies like Cars24 involve in this process where people can sell their used cars to other people.

In this model consumer sell their products to the companies for example a person sells a photograph to a newspaper company which will use it in its newspaper. At the end company becomes the end user of the photograph.

There are different- different E-commerce business model which one can choose from. In this article we have discussed about the types of E-commerce business. After reading this article you must get an idea how many varieties you have in this genre.

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