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Established in the year 2018, E-commerce Bharat an Indian based company facilitating ecommerce business solution with a main motto of promoting "VOCAL for LOCAL". Our aim is to make Bharat as "DIGITAL INDIA" by just encouraging our local business to a worldwide platform.
We are all-in-one ecommerce platform to start, run and grow a business. We empower these businesses digitally and help them to provide a support system by enhancing innovative ideas to meet customer's desire.


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In the dynamic world of e-commerce, Kartik Khaneja emerges as a trailblazer, reshaping the landscape with his innovative vision and unwavering dedication. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Technology (B.Tech) and a diverse professional background

Kartik’s foray into the realm of creativity began in 2014 when he collaborated with the esteemed Ekta Kapoor, a luminary in the Indian entertainment industry. Serving as an artist under Kapoor’s mentorship

However, Kartik’s entrepreneurial spirit beckoned him to explore new horizons, leading him to the vibrant world of hospitality. As the General Manager at Rajkamal Banquet, Kartik demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills, orchestrating seamless events and delivering unparalleled guest experiences. This stint not only honed his managerial acumen but also fueled his ambition to carve a niche of his own in the business world.

In 2018, Kartik Khaneja embarked on his most ambitious venture yet, founding Vinkx. With a clear vision to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape in India, Vinkx emerged as a comprehensive solution and service provider of all the e-commerce solution.


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