artificial intelligence in e-commerce

Artificial intelligence is a need of the time right now it is everywhere today and runs in the veins of the technologies whether it is web development, data science, appliances, chatbots and what not. Humans cannot imagine their life without artificial intelligence. So, why would AI leave shopping and selling untouched. But before we dive down into the topic of artificial intelligence in e-commerce we should know what artificial intelligence is. So let’s start.

Artificial intelligence is the technologies developed to make machines mimic human intelligence and with few more compatible things like robotics it could behave like living being (sort of) we are heading towards that way at least. AI is an extended branch of computer science which requires lot of engineers to develop such computer algorithms and model the decision making threads of the human or other living beings. With the given data to the programming algorithm it “tries” to give output that would be nearer to the human thinking.

The first and most concrete work done on artificial intelligence by a person with the name Alan Turing.

As per tableau, Alan Turing published his work “Computer Machinery and Intelligence” which eventually became The Turing Test, which experts used to measure computer intelligence. The term “artificial intelligence” was coined and came into popular use.

Dates of note:

To the know working of AI in e-commerce let’s do a research on Primer. Primer is a private enterprise which provides Data science and machine learning services and improves the working of the client’s entire work flow and decision making. But why we are talking about primer suddenly, it’s because primer is successfully acquired by our beloved Shopify.  Shopify acquired it so that it can implement AI and spatial computing for it.

 So, let’s discuss the benefits of implementing AI in E-commerce sector.

  1. Fraud Detection:  AI is truly capable of identify anomalies and irregularities in the database provided to it. To do this programmers use different-different data models and machine learning algorithms.
  2. Price optimization: With the help of programmable algorithms software can detect if the pool of customers attracted to the given prices or not and again it is based on the data given to the software.
  3. Chatbots: businesses have saved lot of time by letting the chatbots handling the queries from the potential customers. Working of these programs is also based on the given data and in this case data is customer’s query.
  4. Forecasting: The pure work of the AI is forecast the future, with the help of it a company or enterprises can forecast weather the product or services they provide actually getting traction from public or not and many more.

Artificial intelligence has become an important part of the every sector especially tech industry E-commerce sector is no exception and no one can deny the fact that the future belongs to the AI. And if you are interested in learning more about “types of e-commerce business then click here.

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