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As we all know now day amazon is not just an ecommerce marketing website but is also being a part of our daily life style, it doest matter whether you are looking for something big or something too small or a gift or a self-care product,  we all look at amazon or a ecommerce website which is similar to amazon like Meesho, Flipkart, etc. Flipkart, etc and this is a reason that makes marketing and e commerce so important.

But this is just beginning of the good part some of us are using this as a daily use service and making our life easy but some of us are looking at this as a business opportunity and raising some  good revenue as student part-time work and as a full-time work

And maybe surprising to know that there are lots of companies that have only ecommerce marketing business as their main source of revenue but there are also some retail seller who wants to take their business online.

Why Amazon for ecommerce business or ecommerce marketing  

look there was a time when  people were not that much aware of online products and e-commerce websites but now it’s a new era, and people are more aware of how they like to buy products through Amazon or some-commerce website 

So you might be thinking why Amazon is the first priority to take our business online or ecommerce marketing so  let me tell you some thing about Amazon marketing and e commerce, it takes 25 years to make its name as a brand and now at a global level everyone is well-known with Amazon 

So why Amazon for e commerce marketing and Business

  1. Amazon Business reached $35 billion in annualized sales in 2023
  2. World-class Services by Amazon
  3. Large number of customers More than 6 million customers are now buying on Amazon Business
  4. Always an innovative idea and updating to ERP system more than manual
  5. Resources of Amazon like supply chain business consumer support

Amazon Business reached $35 billion in annualized sales in 2023

Last year amazon made a business of 35 million dollars which is a good amount and just thinks, the company got a net sell of 35 million dollars with selling products but do you think that the total amount of money that Amazon generated belongs to only Amazon so the answer is no

So this is the interesting part for us because for us it is just an indicator that indicates us a high earning business moe than a job. After all, there are lots of small businesses and whole sellers and there are lots of retailers, students and as well as some local people you will well known with this person.

But this is just the beginning of the story, that means If Amazon makes a profit of 35 million dollars it means people, who do business on Amazon or we can say who have ana Amazon seller accounts are also making contributions to this 35 million dollars So if you are looking for an ecommerce website for business so these are the best platform to take your business online

 World-class Services by Amazon

We are well aware that Amazon is a global company that deals with customers as well as businesses to grow and to generate revenue, there for amazon has to give a world-class service to the consumers of the company.

Service for one time is easy but it is really hard to maintain that level of  services that Amazon gives you, it is not only about service but it is also about the stand they match with their services to satisfy the consumer and to satisfy the business consumer, and amazon is a company with the high standard that provides there, user, a good experience and this is also a reason that makes amazon first choice of the business owner to start an e commerce business for amazon

Large number of customers More than 6 million customers are now buying on Amazon Business 

A large number of users or customers, means you are always going to receive a good no of orders on Amazon because now Amazon is more than just an ecommerce marketing website, now amazon has very good faith in consumers they believe that if there is a is while receiving the product or they got wrong product in there box so amazon is going to replace them and they are going to get exact the same product as they saw on the website 

So you can say faith is another reason that tells us why Amazon is for ecommerce business but as I wrote earlier amazon has a  large number of customers so that means you are going to make a very good profit from the Amazon platform or if you are dealing in retail or local so this might change your life because you need to do nothing just contact us we will tell you how to get started

Always an innovative idea and updating to ERP system more than manual

some of you would be thinking in your mind that,  every new year brings a new platform that will help you to take your ofline business to online and you are going to do e commerce marketing .

so what makes Amazon so special that keeps Amazon at the top of the competition or out of the competition so it’s the innovative ideas of Amazon staff and the person who manages all these things

Most importantly the never-satisfying attitude of Amazon helped the company to keep changes in their service features and management and now they are trying to shift totally to an ERP system (Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software system that helps you to run your entire business, supporting automation and processes in finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, etc)

e commerce delivery

Resources of Amazon like supply chain business consumer support

Before I tell you about the resources of Amazon and their supply chain just imagine you want to open your e commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart and you want to do e commerce marketing or something related to that etc.

So it is not like you make a website and do a listing of some product and you are getting orders from customers first you are how capable to bring traffic to your website and therefore you can’t bring consumers to your website so and if somehow you get traffic so you have to think about t delivery process how you are going to deliver the product the o consumer and it is going to very tough to do that because if you think you are going to get viral in one or months like amazon so it is not going to happen and if you are starting e commerce website so you have to prepare for everything like delivery customer services, website, gateway, SEO, and advertising and as well as staff and management so its too easy to use e commerce marketing platform.

So if you just compare a few things like delivery, payment gateway, and a website amazon is a website that is  very easy to use and you are also going to get very good orders from this site the most important thing is you don’t need a proper working place to start selling on amazon and you don’t need a big amount of capital to start just find some who can tell you how to start an online business with amazon or contact us


 If we look at all aspects of a business like management, working capital, and cost and maintenance cost of an Amazon seller account it is too easy to start a business on Amazon comperivtly to another website but we need to build ecommerce marketing strategy to get good revenue.

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