We created them to help you test your understanding of the popular programming language, or guide your initial technical screening with .NET candidates. The technical interview stage is the most important when hiring both junior and senior .NET developers. It is where you gauge the candidate’s skills and depth of knowledge of .NET and software development concepts relevant to your company.

MVC has many advantages, including multiple view support, change accommodation, Separation of Concerns, testability, and more control. There is more to interviewing than tricky technical questions, so these are intended merely as a guide. Not every “A” candidate worth hiring will be able to answer them all, nor does answering them all guarantee an “A” candidate. At the end of the day, hiring remains an art, a science — and a lot of work.

ASP.NET Interview Questions

For the next two years, he was part of a large and remote scrum team for an enterprise client working with Java technologies and Adobe Experience Manager. To intercept exceptions globally, the filter should be registered in GlobalFilterCollection (usually in ~/App_Start/FilterConfig). Authentication, authorization, custom action filters, logging, and action result transformation can be done with the same approach. The below code will create a simple URL which helps to navigate to the “Home” controller and invoke the Gotohome action.

“ActionResult” is an abstract class while “ViewResult” is derived from “AbstractResult” class. “ActionResult” has a number of derived classes like “JsonResult”, “FileStreamResult” and “ViewResult”. With all the GET request we pass the URL which is compulsory, however it can take the following overloads. It indicates whether more than one instance of the error filter attribute can be specified. Name of the view page for displaying the exception information.

Explain the concept of Razor in ASP.NET MVC?

This simplifies the process of creating views in .NET Core MVC applications. An interface in .NET can be defined as a contract pre-specifying some properties and functions or methods that must be implemented by a class. Interfaces are used to define or specify a standard communication protocol for objects in a .NET program. A possible answer to this question is that .NET is a technology by Microsoft providing a managed runtime environment, libraries, and APIs for developing and running applications. The main components of .NET include the Common Language Runtime  (CLR), Framework Class Library (FCL), and programming languages like C#.

What should I learn before MVC?

Knowing HTML, JavaScript, CSS and obviously C# or VB is all you need to be a good MVC developer. You shouldn't be doing any web development if you don't know the client part (ie, HTML, CSS, JS; etc).

This is mostly because of the DataReader class, which is used for read-only access. DataReader is faster than DataSet or DataTable classes commonly used with GridView. Repeated data is usually HTML code mixed with records from the data sources. Because of https://remotemode.net/ that, Repeater demands most work to define the template. In return, it gives us the most flexibility to build the layout and optimize the presentation. ASP.NET is an open-source web framework for building web applications on the .NET (dotNET) framework.

How can we detect that an MVC controller is called by POST or GET?

For instance, a developer can choose to use the Response Caching middleware to cache HTTP responses based on the request URL or headers. Thy can also create a distributed cache service using a caching provider like Redis to store frequently accessed data. LINQ to SQL allows .NET developers to programmatically map SQL database tables to objects.

interview questions for experienced .net mvc developer

Developers use ADO.NET to programmatically access and manipulate database data (relational data). ADO includes a set of APIs and pre-built classes to make it easier to work with databases inside .NET applications. You can build and execute normal SQL queries inside your .NET application with ADO.NET. Reading this guide is part of your preparation as you’ll get an inside look at the interview questions to ask .NET developers and example answers. Any large ASP.NET MVC project has many controllers, views, and model classes.

Q4. What are the return types of controller action methods in MVC?

LINQ is primarily used to query data from different data sources without the need to write SQL code or other data source-specific query language. You can use LINQ to query databases, collections, XML files, etc. An abstract class in .NET is one created to be a base class for other classes and is therefore never instantiated. In most cases, abstract classes contain abstract functions or methods that one can implement in a derived class somewhere in their code. Abstract classes are useful in .NET as they allow the developer to reuse or extend common functionality in their applications. This is a common question in most .NET framework interviews as it involves the storage of assemblies which affects how applications execute.

interview questions for experienced .net mvc developer

ViewBag is also used to pass data from the controller to the respective view. It represents the user interface, with which the end-users communicates. https://remotemode.net/become-a-net-mvc-developer/ In short, all the user interface logic is contained within the VIEW. The backend is an ASP.NET Core or ASP.NET MVC application (server side).

This function helps to read as well advices MVC to maintain “TempData” for the subsequent request. The session can be maintained in MVC by three ways temp data, viewdata, and view bag. We can use filters referred to as “Exceptional Filters” at the conclusion. To construct a software tool, you must include the MVC assembly references shown below in the modern web application. The below code snippet is a simple HTML page that has the title of “Event Registration” and has references to important libraries such as Bootstrap, jquery, and Angular. In order to send the result back in JSON format in MVC, you can use “JSONRESULT” class.

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